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The place to be your true naked Self 👯‍🙇

About Us

In this time the challenge & invitation are to give space & expression to everything that is present in us. To not deny or reject anything in yourself, but to be completely you/unique and to bring that out. That means a big YES to life (instead of 'no' / suppression or wanting to be pigeonholed). It's about hearing & following the deep inner call, beyond shame & taboo. Then we are no longer this or that in already beaten whole prints 👠 Then everyone 🚻 takes their place and a cohesive, complementary, inspiring and super dynamic whole is created. 

When someone asks me what I am, I answer that I am what is needed. The fact that it is mainly the Domina who is evoked, shows the image of the time in which we live ‍🚀

Why You Should Join Us

Because you too want to connect with your deepest desires & feel connected with yourself & kindred spirits 💞 Here you can be the proud, beautiful, authentic, sexual, wonderful Being you are and share your potential (or the lack of it 😛) 🙇 👨‍✈️ 👯  


A Big Thanks

I am happy to invest to make this beautiful place flourish, because I know & feel that there is a need. The more members & inspiration, the more connections & inspiration 💫 The first year this community is therefore free & energetically as well as financially supported by me. If you want to contribute with more than your presence, you are very welcome to deliver a financial contribution 🙏  

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